Monuments to the Might Have Been

Triumph of the Light

2019, Unglazed Terracotta

Inspired by an an empty plinth in a forgotten park up the hill from my house, The Triumph of the Light is an updated concept on the original sculpture.

The Invention of the Meatball

Work-In-Progress, Glazed Ceramic

In my estimation, one of the most important American culinary inventions was the meatball. They are divine - they are delicious, regardless of cuisine, type of meat or fish, and they transform simple ingredients to something sublime.

Nuwa Makes People

Work-in-Progress, Terracotta

Legend has it that dragon-goddess, Nuwa, decided to make humans. Unfortunatly, the first batch wasn’t so good, they were too floppy and couldn’t stand up on their own. So she washed her little clay people away with some water, and started again. For the second batch, she used twigs and little bits of straw to firm up the people she made, so they could stand up and walk on their own.