For years, I've had a close affinity for gnomes, and them for me. My house is full of the little guys, and I'm not sure how many of them got there.

John Muir as a Gnome,  2015  Commission for the  Muirhouse Brewery , UK.

John Muir as a Gnome, 2015

Commission for the Muirhouse Brewery, UK.

Trapped,  2013

Trapped, 2013

Gnome Head 1,  2013

Gnome Head 1, 2013

Contemplative Gnome,  2013

Contemplative Gnome, 2013

Juju the Gnome,  2011

Juju the Gnome, 2011

Gnome Head 2,  2013

Gnome Head 2, 2013

Trapped (close up),  2013

Trapped (close up), 2013

Grandpa Gnome,  2011

Grandpa Gnome, 2011

Scarlett the Gnome,  2010

Scarlett the Gnome, 2010

Monsters and Other Mythic Creatures

My work is extremely narrative, focusing on the happenings in an imagined world that co-exists parallel to the perceptible human one, populated by gnomes and other creatures. My work examines history, the global geographies and the idea of the outsider. In essence, my creatures become a mirror to enhance understanding of our modern human world.

Tanuki,  2014

Tanuki, 2014

TARDIS,  2010

TARDIS, 2010

Babyzilla,  2011

Babyzilla, 2011

Sea Monster,  2011

Sea Monster, 2011

Incense Burner,  2010

Incense Burner, 2010